Research Area Specialist

Research Assistant

Database Analyst/Programmer Intermediate

Research Area Specialist

Research Area Specialist Lead

Nick Tilton, PhD, Database Analyst/Programmer Senior

Database Analyst/Programmer Senior

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Dehua Han, MPH, Database Analyst/Programmer Intermediate

Database Analyst/Programmer Intermediate

Ms. Han received her Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan, where she conducted a cross-sectional study to identify the health impact of Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) substances on cognition. Her research interests include epidemiological and biostatistical applications of public health research.

Bailey Reale, MPH, Program Manager

Program Manager

Ms. Reale is the Program Manager of the Cognitive Health Services Research Program at the University of Michigan (U-M).  Ms. Reale received a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH) in Management, Policy, and Community Health. She completed a project management internship from Baylor College of Medicine…

Andrzej Galecki, MD, PhD, Biostatistician

Dr. Galecki is Co-Director of the Design, Data and Biostatistics Core in the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at U-M. In 2015, Dr. Galecki was selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association for his outstanding contributions to the statistical profession. Dr. Galecki’s strong background and education in applied mathematics and medicine…

Anupriya (Anu) Sharma, MS

Research Area Specialist Intermediate

Ms. Sharma was the project manager of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) / National Institutes of Neurological Disorders (NINDS)-funded BP COG study and the NIH / National Institute on Aging (NIA)-funded STROKE COG study. Ms. Sharma received her Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from the University of Connecticut. She has experience in Good…