Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases: Mild cognitive impairment and receipt of procedures for acute ischemic stroke in older adults

Older patients with pre-existing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) receive less evidence-based care after acute myocardial infarction, however, whether they receive less care after acute ischemic stroke (AIS) is unknown. We compared receipt of guideline-concordant procedures after AIS between older adults with pre-existing MCI and normal cognition.

Lab Notes Brain, Image by Stephanie King

Women Experience Faster Cognitive Decline with Age- Michigan Health News

A new analysis finds higher baseline cognition scores for aging women, but a more rapid drop once cognitive decline begins. JAMA Netw Open. 2021;4(2):e210169. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.0169 Deborah A. Levine, MD, MPH1,2,3; Alden L. Gross, PhD4; Emily M. Briceño, PhD1,3,5; et al Women may start middle age with stronger brain function than men, but as they get older, women’s cognition declines faster. That’s according to…

Lab Notes Brain, Image by Stephanie King

Stroke: Interventions Targeting Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Stroke Prevention and Treatment

The risk and outcomes of cardiovascular disease (CVD), including stroke, are not distributed randomly throughout society. Instead, CVD risk and outcomes disproportionately affect some groups more than others, including certain racial/ethnic minorities. This special report aims to summarize selected interventions to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in stroke prevention and treatment and reviews the social determinants of health and the determinants of racial/ethnic disparities in care.